Teaching Staff CPD

Exceptional teaching staff are the foundation of our academies’ educational offer to the communities that we serve. The recruitment and development of teaching staff, therefore, forms an essential part of OCL's overall commitment to creating exceptional education at the heart of the community.

We want all our teaching staff to have access to high-quality learning throughout their careers. To achieve this, OCL has helped found the National Institute of Teaching, to ensure we can offer a comprehensive suite of training and development opportunities – from initial teacher training through to headteacher training and beyond.

Initial teacher training

Are you thinking about training to teach, or know someone who might be interested? Working with the National Institute of Teaching, OCL offers exceptional initial teacher training opportunities (ITT) in all of our academies across the country.

Early Career Teachers

We are delighted that so many teachers choose to start their teaching careers at OCL academies. OCL is fully committed to giving our Early Career Teachers (ECTs) the best possible welcome to the teaching profession. We want all of our ECTs to build on their initial training – continuing to develop into successful and flourishing teachers.

For those who choose to join OCL as ECTs, each of our academies has outstanding induction coordinators and mentors in place to support you. This includes regular coaching to continue developing your practice, as well as support towards completing your Statutory Induction period.

To support your continuing development, the National Institute of Teaching provides each of our ECTs with exceptional and DfE-funded training. This programme is made up of conferences, clinics, weekly self-study and coaching – which taken together will help you further develop the skills and knowledge you need to be an effective teacher.

As you progress towards completing your Statutory Induction period, OCL has also appointed Bright Futures as our Appropriate Body. They will regularly assess your progress to ensure that you are ready to meet the Teachers' Standards at the end of your time as an ECT.

CPD across the year

Our CPD offer gets updated each year, and can vary depending on trends or needs in the education sector or through feedback from staff. However, we wanted to give you a snapshot of some of the CPD programmes our teaching staff have the opportunity to attend this academic year.

Trainee Teachers

Professional Studies

· ITT Training national conferences

· Safeguarding guidelines

· Behaviour management techniques

· Classroom organisation

· Teaching standards

· Conduct

· Planning

· Subject specific days

· SEND and working with parents

· Numeracy and Literacy

· Forest School learning

· Mental Health in schools

· Anti-racism in schools

ECTs and Teachers

· National and Regional Conferences

· ECT seminars (termly)

· Mentoring

· Inclusion training calendar

· Horizons iPad curriculum integration

· Safeguarding, mental health and EVC

· Promoting positive behaviours

· Planning effective learning

· Creating a climate for optimum learning

· Assessment, marking, feedback and planning for assessment

· Reading across the curriculum

· Leading adults

· Self reflection

· Oasis behaviour management techniques

· Oasis curriculum subject CPD

· Oasis pedagogy innovation

· Community groups

· Strategy groups

· National staff meetings

Leadership Training

Options for middle and senior leadership





· Curriculum and Horizons

· Attendance

· Assessment

· Ethos, culture and inclusion

· Regional and National Conferences

· Compliance in education

· Health and safety

· Safeguarding

· Census

· Mental health and pupil well being

· Safer recruitment training

· Medicine in school

· Mentoring and coaching opportunities

· School improvement and MET

· Line management and HR skills


Train to Teach