Our Offer To You

At Oasis Community Learning we passionately believe  that everyone’s contribution matters and that it is imperative to be constantly learning from and being supportive to one another.

We are committed to improving expertise through your continual professional development and place a strong emphasis on excellent pedagogy for teaching staff, offering learning and training opportunities at a local, regional and national level. 

Whether you are joining us as an experienced teacher, an NQT, a member of Support Staff or an academy Principal, we want to support and invest in you at every step of your career. 

Our Ethos and Habits

Our ethos is central to achieving and shaping our organisation and is therefore actively promoted. It is an expression of our character -  a statement of who we are and therefore the lens through which we assess all we do. We are committed to encouraging everyone within Oasis to develop habits which enable us to model our ethos of equality, inclusion, hope, perseverance and healthy relationships throughout all the aspects of the life and culture of every academy community

Key Benefits

Integrated training and development opportunities

As our curriculum and our technology develops, so do our staff. We offer opportunities for training to all our staff, whether that is through external certification courses, internal development or training days. If you are interested in taking your career with us in a specific direction, we will do our best to ensure you have the opportunity to learn and grow with us. Find out more here

A clear progression route

Our staff understand that there is room to progress with us; our training packages and staffing structure allows for a clear progression route within the organisation.

Support and sharing best practice

Through ongoing support from our National Lead Practitioners, Best Practice Academies, Regional Directors and Montioring and Standards Team, our academies are able to continually progress and innovate learning for both students and staff alike. The Oasis Teaching School, in Oldham, acts a key source for training within the family. 

A competitive pension scheme

Do you like to plan ahead for your future self? All Oasis employees have the opportunity to be part of the Local Government Average Salary (LGPS) Pension Scheme, that is highly competitive. 

  • It is a Defined Benefit Scheme Benefits build up at a set rate of LGPS 1/49 (e.g. £20k salary/year/49 = £408.16 pension)
  • Life cover - you get life cover of 3x pensionable pay
  • Lower tax
  • Survivor benefits and
  • Ill health cover

A generous holiday allowance 

When you join Oasis you receive 25 days annual leave in the first instance, plus 8 bank holidays. This then rises to 30 days after 2 years of service, plus the 8 bank holidays. Our holiday allowance then continues to rise slowly depending on time in service. 

Continuous service is taken into account when you join Oasis. 

Staff wellbeing resources

We release weekly staff wellbeing resources to help our family out with all sorts of needs. From advice and support on managing anxiety and low mood to guilt and shame, to podcast recommendations, recipes, helpful videos and signposting. We are there to support you in any way we can. We also have a good offer through our Occupational Health providers with resources for help with stopping smoking, stress, diet, exercise sleep and healthy living. 

You can find some of our resources on the website here. 

Free counselling service

As an employee of Oasis you will have access to a free confidential counselling service. Our leaders also go through training to be more understanding of the needs of their teams. 

Expenses and travel costs (as appropriate)

We remunerate our staff for incurred expenses and travel costs when asked to work outside of the normal school environment. This is in line with our Staff Expense Policy.