Support Staff CPD

The CPD offer for our support staff is both mixed between internally delivered courses and workshops and external training opportunities. Each academy or service within the national team is given a training budget each year, specifically for the development of employees based on their career needs, aspirations and interests. 

Internally delivered CPD includes, but is not limited to:

  • National and Regional Conferences
  • Safeguarding
  • Bromcom system management
  • Medicines in school
  • Safer recruitment training
  • First Aid & Fire Marshall training
  • Updates and legislation in HR
  • Communications, marketing and social media 
  • Interdisciplinary ICT development

Employees are encouraged to look for external training opportunities related to their field for discussion with their line managers.  

The Oasis Leadership Development Programme for Support Staff

The Oasis Leadership Development Programme is for Oasis non-teaching staff with leadership responsibilities in academies, Hubs, the Oasis National Team and the Oasis Group. Each module is part of a residential held at a special venue in greater London where learning, board and catering fees are covered. 

Module 1 - Building the Team and Managing the Individual 

  • Understanding Teams (What's a high performing team? Support and challenge; stages of development; team contracts)
  • What is leadership? (The big picture; situational leadership)
  • Developing teams (Managing by strengths; decision-making;  forming teams; balancing team, organisation & personal vision; conflict resolution)
  • Leadership skills (Personal impact; envisioning & inspiring; delegating; conducting team meetings)
  • You will also receive an official Belbin Report

Module 2 - Leading Out of Who You Are

  • Perspectives over time (history; experience; critical Incidents, self-leadership, timelines)
  • Understanding who I am (personality, passions, interests, stress management, well-being)
  • Understanding Foundations for lifelong leadership (values/ethos-driven leadership, finishing well)
  • You will also receive an official Myers Briggs analysis

Module 3 – Achieving the Task (Project Management Skills)  

  • Personal Organisation (Managing time, workspace and resources effectively)
  • Finance (Developing and managing a budget; basic principles of accounting; keeping project records)
  • Change Management (Project evaluation; initiating and managing change in a project)
  • Public Relations & Networking (Representing the org/project; public speaking; creating effective support material; keys to effective networking)